How To Make Your Wedding Pictures Display Beautifully

Posted on: 4 February 2015

When you get married, the pictures you take of those special moments really do last a lifetime. Don't just let them sit in your memory card or in a lackluster photo album, use these cool ideas to make your wedding memories really shine in your home.

Have them custom framed

Grab a few of your favorite shots, such as your first kiss, cutting the cake, or a flattering closeup of the bride and groom, and have them professionally matted and custom framed. You can choose the wood and design you'd like to have your photos framed in. A custom framing artist can mat and frame your desired pictures to express the tone of the photo best and match its dimensions perfectly. Popular framing styles for custom framing include:

  • Mahogany
  • Maple
  • Oak
  • Walnut

You can also mix and match your color scheme to match the tone of your photos and the personality you want them to express. For wedding pictures, white and ebony frames are lovely, as well as a bronze and coffee-toned finish. Browse through many matting and finish styles before choosing the ones that match your unforgettable moments best.

Create a collage board

If you have many fun photos that you want to display, you can do so without having to frame each one or place them in an album. Grab a large cork board, and spray paint the border bronze, gold, white, or dark brown. Grab pins with pearl accents and haphazardly post your various pictures to the board. Complete the collage appeal by adding small trinkets that salute your big day, such as a piece of lace from your bouquet, a dried flower from a centerpiece, a monogrammed napkin, or even copies of signatures from your guest book. This quirky display can then be put anywhere in your home where you would like to admire it best.

Add perfect lighting

If you have many pieces of art or pictures on your walls and you want your wedding pictures to be noticed, let soft yellow lighting help you out. Install wall sconce lights on either side of your custom framed memories, so the eye is drawn to the softly light photographs. You can also add a track light in your hallway so many pictures can be put on display at once.

Your wedding pictures deserve to be put on a lovely and beautiful display that you can enjoy whenever you want. From custom framing from places like Instaframe Galleries to adding a touch of whimsy with a collage, you can easily showcase your wonderful day with ease.