Floor Graphics To Use On Your Pool Deck

Posted on: 6 October 2020

If you manage a community indoor swimming pool, one idea that you may want to consider implementing is adding vinyl floor graphics to the deck in several areas. You can easily find a local printing company that produces these graphics and then begin discussing the custom designs that you want to use. There are several reasons to use graphics around your pool, including sharing useful information, making the space safer, and more. Here are some examples of floor graphics that you might wish to order to use on your pool deck.

Pool Rules

You'll likely have a list of pool rules posted in several key areas throughout the pool. For example, it's common for rules to appear immediately outside of the changing areas so that swimmers will see them as they walk onto the pool deck. You may wish to also reinforce some rules with the help of your vinyl floor graphics. Graphics that remind people not to run and not to engage in horseplay, for example, can be effective in various areas around the pool deck. To increase the visual impact of this signage, consider images that correspond to the wording. In the case of a graphic that reminds people not to run, a running stick figure crossed out in red can be effective.

Swimming Benefits

A lot of people choose to swim because of this pastime's many fitness benefits, but it never hurts to inform others about just how healthy swimming can be. Work with your printing company to come up with some catchy ways to tout the benefits of swimming. For example, you might have one graphic that explains how swimming burns calories at a rapid rate, another that talks about the muscle-building benefits of this activity, and another that reminds people how swimming can often be an effective way to reduce stress. People who see these graphics as they walk around the pool deck may feel encouraged to visit your pool more often.

Club Logos

It's common for youth swimming clubs to practice and compete at local community pools, so you may wish to include some floor graphics that reference each of the clubs that call your pool home. For example, you might simply use each club's logo and place them in a specific area of the pool deck. If there are local clubs that have won regional or state championships at swim meets, graphics that recognize these accomplishments can also be a source of pride for the community.

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