Easy Ways To Create Your Own Home Decor Using Paint Products

Posted on: 13 October 2017

If you're a fan of arts and crafts, you might want to try out some new crafts using different types of paint products. There are a lot of neat things you can make if you have the right products at home. In fact, you may be able to make beautiful artwork and decor to use in some of the different rooms throughout your home.

Create Name Signs For the Kid's Rooms

Have you been trying to find something neat to put in your children's rooms? What if you could make some adorable name signs using a canvas panel, tape, paint brushes, and assorted paint colors? If you'd like to make these signs, check if you have the supplies needed or go to the craft store to get the few supplies you'll need.

Making these signs is simple and it's something you can get the children involved in as well. Use some tape to spell out the name of each child and put one name on each canvas panel. Pour assorted colors of paint into small containers and start painting the panels with paint brushes.

You can add as many colors as you'd like to the panel. Let the children create their own shapes, patterns, and designs while decorating their own name panels. Once everyone has finished painting, the canvas panels will need to dry. Wait a few hours, peel the tape from the panels, and you'll have the name of each child spelled out clearly with beautiful painted designs all around it.

Create Art With Your Hair Dryer

Do you love edgy designs? If so, why spend hundreds of dollars on artwork when you can create unique and edgy pieces with minimal supplies? You'll only need canvas panels, assorted tubes of paint, and a hair dryer to create some interesting artwork at home. Start by placing your canvas panel on a flat surface, such as a kitchen table or dining room table.

Squirt a small circle of two or three different colors of paint in the center of the panel. Plug your hair dryer into the wall, set it on low, and hold it above the panel. The air flowing from the hair dryer will start moving the paint around in different directions, leaving a beautiful and unique pattern behind. You can add some additional colors and continue to use the hair dryer to blow those different colors all around until the panel is completely covered. Once it's dry, hang it up on the wall in your bedroom or even in the living room.

You can create a lot of fun and beautiful artwork with the right supplies, such as assorted painting products and canvas panels. Rather than purchasing expensive artwork, you can make your own with your family and friends.