Wondering What To Give Elderly Relatives This Year? Three Gift Ideas To Show How Much You Care

Posted on: 30 November 2015

Purchasing the perfect holiday gifts for elderly relatives can be a difficult task. Many elders are already firmly ensconced in their homes, surrounded by many of the things you may have considered giving as a gift. Others may have downsized into smaller quarters, be residing with a child, or have entered a senior's complex or residential nursing facility where they do not have room for many common types of gifts. If you are struggling with finding the right gift for a beloved elderly relative in one of these situations, the following gift ideas can help.

The Gift of Time

Grandparents, special aunts, uncles, and other elderly relatives may actually be hoping for nothing more than your time. If you live nearby, consider giving them a coupon for a get-together each month of the coming year. If they are physically able to do so, consider using this time to take them on visits to places they once lived or other locations that hold special meaning to them. Strive to conclude each visit with a nice lunch or dinner and time to share family news and memories. You may actually find yourself looking forward to these visits just as much as your elderly relative does.

The Gift of Service

If your elderly relatives live alone or are not well enough to handle routine maintenance and repair issues in their home, consider giving them a gift of service. This type of gift can be as simple as pre-arranging and paying for contractors or service people to assist them with needed repairs, cleaning, painting, lawn care or any other issue they may have. This type of gift will not only ensure that their homes stay safe for occupancy but also help alleviate any worries they may have had about arranging or paying for these services.   

The Gift of Special Memories

The elder years are often a time for reflections, many of which will likely center on the years when they were busy with their own young families. To create a very special gift, consider finding some mementos, photographs or documents from their past and having them professionally matted and framed by a reputable framing service. An example might be a copy of their wedding photo, framed along with a reproduction of their marriage certificate, military service medals, or other meaningful mementos from their past. The framing service will be able to use matting, finishes and framing materials to bring their memories to life in a way that will be treasured. Click here to learn more about your framing options.