Three Gifts For The Watch Aficionado In Your Life

Posted on: 28 April 2017

If you are have a friend or family member who is super into watches, then you know exactly the type of gift to get them: something watch related. However, you might not be up to spending the money on an actual watch. Those high end Swiss watches that they enjoy might be too expensive, and you don't want to get them a sporty digital design from Japan that they already own. So, here are three suggestions to help you decide what to give them.

A Watch Display Case

One really nice gift idea for your friend is something that will help them showcase their collection. It will allow them to proudly display their watches, instead of leaving them hidden in a sock draw or somewhere else. You can get a nice wooden watch display case that is made of a fine luxury wood such as mahogany, with a nice velvet interior. The case can be left hinged open with the watches displayed, or it can be closed and set on a nightstand. The other type of display case has a glass top so that the watches inside are always visible. The other nice thing about a watch display case is that they secure the watches from moving around, so your friend can take the watches on vacation without worrying about the watches banging around in their luggage.

A Watchmaker Tool Site

If your friend likes to tinker with watches, then you might like to get them a watchmakers toolkit. This will let them open up the watches case and do work on the gears, pin pallet, and escapement, So, if they are always talking about interior watch design, and you think they enjoy fixing up watches, then this would be perfect.

A Horology Book

A fantastic gift for the watch lover will be a book about horology. You have a lot of different options to choose from. You might like to get them a great history book about Swiss watches (detailing the Jura, aka Watch Valley, the area where most of the famous watches are made) or you could get them a horology book that covers different advances in watch complications such as tachymeters, chronographs, and moon phases. For more information, contact companies like Ted Crom Books.

Also, if you know that they are a fan of a particular style (such as dive watches, or automatics) or a particular brand, you can also find horology books that cover these specialty niche topics.