3 Must-Have Sewing Machine Accessories

Posted on: 17 July 2017

Learning to successfully operate a sewing machine can give you the opportunity to create unique clothing and craft items. Sewing machines are designed to work with a variety of accessories, and many of these accessories can enhance your sewing experience and streamline the creation process.

If you are trying to increase your sewing efficiency in the future, here are three sewing machine accessories you must invest in:

1. Specialized Presser Feet

The presser foot that comes standard on your sewing machine can be replaced in order to facilitate the successful completion of your crafting project. Since the presser foot is responsible for holding fabric securely in place as it passes underneath the sewing machine's needle, the right presser foot can be a valuable tool when it comes to making your sewing activities more efficient.

You should invest in specialized presser feet that are designed specifically for the creation of button holes, rolled hems, and gathering in order to increase the quality of your sewn items in the future.

2. Extension Table

Keeping your fabric organized as it moves through your sewing machine can be a challenge. If you routinely work on garments that contain a lot of fabric, then you may find it beneficial to invest in an extension table for your sewing machine.

These extension tables fit onto the free arm of your machine and significantly increase your work surface while sewing. You should look for an extension table that comes equipped with a ruler and built-in storage compartments to house your spare bobbins, needles, and other small items for easy access while you are sewing.

3. Specialized Needles

Just as you need specialized presser feet to perform unique functions while sewing, you need access to specialized needles to complete your sewing projects with ease. The needle on your sewing machine can be swapped out to accommodate the specific type of fabric you are using while sewing.

You should keep needles on-hand that are created specifically for sewing leather, nylon material, and cotton in order to ensure you can tackle any sewing project successfully in the future.

Investing in the right accessories will help you maximize the performance of your sewing machine. Be sure that you purchase specialized presser feet, an extension table, and specialized needles that are designed for your machine's make and model in order to increase the efficiency and ease of your sewing activities in the future.

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